Biofuels offer an important alternative for road transport and aviation to reduce their carbon emissions and reduce their dependency on fossil-based feedstock. Greasoline offers a proven technology for the conversion of non-food fats and oils into high-quality road and jet fuels.


The Greasoline technology was developed by Fraunhofer UMSICHT at Oberhausen (Germany) and aims at employing fats and oils which are

  • non-food (camelina, jatropha, algae)
  • residues from food processing (fatty acids or rancid material, algae) or food utilization (low quality cooking oil, fat rendering)


Greasoline GmbH is exclusively further developing and commercializing the Greasoline technology which is clearly geared towards sustainable fuels, in particular fuels with a high kerosene fraction. Additionally the kerosene contains a high fraction of components which have lubricating properties and low freezing points and cannot be made by competing renewable technologies. Competing technologies also require hydrogen. In that respect Greasoline technology is unique and more complementary than competing with other technologies.


The Greasoline technology can be realized on significantly smaller scale than other technologies – commercially viable already at plant sizes of 10,000 mt/a – and is independent from established catalyst producers as it employs IP-protected catalytical systems based on activated carbons.


Technical proof of concept was demonstrated by the successful scale-up from laboratory to pilot plant in Oberhausen (Germany). Together with co-operation partners in the area of feedstock, oil industry and engineering & construction, Greasoline is working on the further deployment of the technology and the erection of a production plant with annual capacity of 10,000 mt/a.


On the following pages you will find information about our technology, services and news. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.



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