CO2 originating from fossil fuel consumption is one of the main drivers of the greenhouse effect and heavily impacting climate change. Politics are therefore increasingly influencing markets to seek sustainable solutions. Greasoline can provide specific solutions for bio-base Diesel, Bio Jet Fuel and Gasoline/ Naphtha fractions as well as Bunker Fuels.

The greasoline® process offers significant advantages through its choice and flexibility of raw materials because it

  • uses currently available non-food raw materials and is therefore not in competition with nutrition of an increasing number of human beings worldwide,
  • can also use raw materials and residues that are not suited for alternative technologies due to impurities or water content,
  • is an ideal conversion process for future optimized feedstock like micro algae oils.

Greasoline® products offer high quality because they are non-corrosive, non-hygroscopic, not sensitive to oxidation and therefore non-fouling.

In our view we can offer for automotive gasoline and diesel markets an instantly implementable, sustainable solution which uses existing refinery and transportation infrastructures, and will strongly support mitigation towards hybrids and mere electricity-based vehicles. Future aircraft markets will also in the long-term require bio-kerosene for which our process offers an ideal sustainable solution.



Bio-based Diesel

Bio-Jet Fuel

Bio-based Bunker Fuels

Bio-based Gasoline, Naphtha and Hydrocarbon Gases






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